• 1 8oz pkg chocolate or creamy white Dolci frutta
  1. Dolci Dazzle To decorate frosted cakes or cream pies with fanciful shapes, spread melted Dolci frutta thinly onto waxed paper.
  2. Allow to partially set and cut with assorted cookie or canape cutters.
  3. Allow to harden completely.
  4. Lift with spatula and transfer to dessert.
  5. It’s a Pisa Cake Drizzle melted Dolci frutta around top edge of frosted cake allowing it to run down the sides in pretty ‘ribbons’.
  6. Cap Cakes Dip chocolate cupcake tops in melted Dolci frutta. Rolly Coneoli Before adding ice cream, dip the top rim of an inverted ice cream cone in melted Dolci frutta for a fancy look.
  7. Bona Fortuna Dress up a fortune cookie by dipping half in delicious melted Dolci frutta.
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